What Is Anchorage Young Cancer Coalition

Anchorage Young Cancer Coalition (AYCC) is a group for people that have been diagnosed with any type of cancer that are young at heart or that were diagnosed in their 20’s or 30’s that want to meet for a night out of fun and laughter.

Our mission is to provide emotional support and empowerment through building community, improving quality of life and providing meaningful survivorship to those affected by young adult cancer. Our vision is no survivor alone.

If you are interested in hiking, skiing, sledding, ice skating, game nights, dinner, dessert, bowling, movies or anything else then let’s get together and have some fun. Support partners, kids (depending on the activity) and family members are welcome. I’m looking to create friendships and community for cancer survivors that are at a very unique stage of life.


The AYCC was formed in January 2013 by Carey Carpenter, a young adult cancer survivor that was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer at 34 years old. Going through treatment it quickly became obvious that the young adult cancer experience is different and carries with it special considerations from the other cancer age groups. Getting diagnosed while still in school or before starting a family or while trying to raise young children or during your first few years of your profession is a much different experience. At the time, the existing cancer support resources in Anchorage did not address these differences. A group was formed that understands what facing the unique challenges of young adult cancer means and that group is the Anchorage Young Cancer Coalition. This is a group of people that want fellowship and support without therapy or formal structure. This group is about enjoying life, laughing and meeting new people and making new friends that understand what it’s like to go through cancer treatment.

Studies have shown that social support has a direct correlation with overall quality of life of cancer patients and improved survival outcomes. Young adult survivors ranked “opportunities to meet other young adult cancer patients and/or survivors” as the greatest supportive care need. So check out our events calendar and please come on out and join us!